Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Little Bit About Us..... Avalon Aura Photography in Blogland!

Hello from us here at Avalon Aura Photography... we've finally plucked up the courage and found a speck of time to dip our toes in the bloggasphere and create our very own little blog.

We have a real life base here in the magical town of Glastonbury UK, with a wee shop where we have our small and friendly Aura Photography Studio and Artisan Arts and Crafts emporium.
Our studio offers the latest Aura Camera and Biofeedback system which enables us to take quality Polaroid photos of your Aura. We also offer a series of reports based on the biofeedback information to compliment your Aura Photo and give you an insight into areas of your mind, body and spirit. 
Our arts and crafts emporium offers various unique and unusual  pieces as well as original art, cards, prints and gifts

Here's a picture of our wee little shop and the equally wee happy smiling Aura Wizard, Ian!
Well that's enough for starters! 
Obviously if you are visiting Glastonbury why not pop in and see us for a chat or even to sample our aura photography services!
bye for now! Jen & Ian

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  1. Hi Jenny and Ian,two of the bestest people in the world.! I David Muir am now in Skye at highlander174546@gmail.com and I love you both.Please be in touch. David xxxx