Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Song of Healing by Marie Crehan

Not so long ago, in fact just a few weeks after we'd opened our 'Little Shop of Auras' we had a visit from two absolutely lovely ladies Marie and Dianne. They came in to have their aura photos captured as they had been wanting to get them done for quite a while. Well a bit of banter was had by all and any nerves at possibly getting a black aura were dispelled as two beautiful, glowing aura pictures were taken. Somewhere in the proceedings Marie had offered to sing a song that she had been given. A healing prayer of sorts, dedicated to Mary Magdalene. As she began to sing acapella, our wee shop was filled with Marie's beautiful voice. The deeply meaningful words of the song flowed, Marie's voice rising and falling, we were completely captivated and I have to say by the time the song was over I'd shed more than a couple of tears, it was that emotional. Well,who'd have thought we would have been serenaded in our little shop? Both Marie and Diane felt the energy created by the song might have had an effect on our auras and suggested it might be fun to 'do our photos' and see.
How could we refuse? Below are the pictures taken after hearing True Blue Angel.

Ian and I normally have a lot of white, blues and purples in our aura pics and mine was a lot brighter than normal. Ian looks like he's wearing a huge golden afro wig and his aura is just shining out really brightly, Marie's song was indeed very powerful.
It is her wish that the True Blue Angel song be spread far and wide to be sung or played in places of healing, all around the world to call in Angels to assist with healing those in need . If you'd like to hear the song for yourself you can find it on You Tube. The video was filmed at the Mary Magdalene chapel here in Glastonbury and Marie's song starts about 5 minutes in.
If you like the song please feel free to tell others about it and let its message spread far and wide.
Thanks Marie & Diane for sharing your lovely energy with us here at Avalon Aura Photography!
Love & light to all! Jen & Ian x x x

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